ALPINE ELEMENTS® HEALTH BOOST 5-star luxury hotel Rosengarten Kirchberg TyrolALPINE ELEMENTS® HEALTH BOOST 5-star luxury hotel Rosengarten Kirchberg Tyrol

with TCM and 5 elements of nutrition

Global Diagnostics, detox, cookery class and more

Our ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST kicks off a new, more aware, stage in your life. Reap the benefits of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Global Diagnostics, vital field therapy, detoxification, 5 elements nutrition, a cookery class, exercise programme, lots of inspiration and much more!

Our ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST offers mental and physical balance with the 5 elements and delicious ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine. Exercise – gentle and in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. Treatments – holistic from head to toe. Listening and sharing – with TCM experts and the 5 elements of nutrition.

ALPINE ELEMENTS®: Body, mind and spirit in harmony

Each one of us is unique with our own personality, body type, experiences, desires and dreams. At the Hotel Restaurant Spa Rosengarten, we believe that a holistic lifestyle in harmony with nature’s rhythms and our human individuality is needed to bring these unique qualities to life and make them visible. And this is where ALPINE ELEMENTS® comes in. ALPINE ELEMENTS® allows people to connect with their own nature and achieve personal balance. ALPINE ELEMENTS® offers new, holistic sensory experiences with a focus on healthy lifestyles to help them identify their personal needs.

The core: Global Diagnostics and vital field therapy

The core of the ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST: Global Diagnostics and vital field therapy administered by TCM expert Martina Egger. She describes her specialism as ‘Recognising small causes that have major impacts.’ We know that the body and the vital field combine to create a living organism. If their interaction works as nature intended, the organism is healthy. If the interaction is disturbed, the organism becomes weak or ill: ‘Healthy organisms have characteristic electromagnetic fields, rhythms, impulses and related information that make up their vital fields, like fingerprints. The vital field is responsible for and controls biophysical processes and complex energy conversion processes in the body that are essential to life,’ explains TCM expert Martina Egger.

612 body structures analysed in eight minutes

She measures these processes with the help of vital-field technology, which analyses 612 of the body’s structures in just eight minutes. The scan provides a deep insight into the body’s acid-base balance, showing heavy-metal contamination, allergic disposition, filter systems and control circuits, and thus creating a basis for remedial measures such as dietary change. In the second step, the TCM expert supports the organism by applying appropriate frequencies which allows the body to maintain its natural and optimal energy distribution and internal alignment.

Ergo: Global Diagnostics and vital field therapy get wise to the small causes of major chaos before the onset of symptoms such as atopic dermatitis, sleep disorders, listlessness, allergies, mobility restrictions, chronic illnesses and so on.


An initial lecture introduces you to the 5 elements and ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine. A central aspect is the attainment of acid-base equilibrium by means of a light, purifying, alkalising diet based on acid-base-balancing, fresh ingredients that support a gentle detox… and are utterly delicious! In our ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine, freshly prepared ingredients are just as important as seasonal availability. Eating the right foods at the right time of year has just as much influence on our wellbeing as the way these foods are processed. During your 1-week HEALTH BOOST, the day starts with a hot, alkalising breakfast. Lunch focuses on one of the five elements, and in the evening, we serve an easy-to-digest, high-protein meal. Delicious, metabolism-boosting juices by Bergblut help the detoxification process and supply essential nutrients. Also included in the ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST: a cookery class in which you learn to cook a delicious alkalising soup.


Stimulating as well as relaxing treatments help the purification process and sustainably enhance wellbeing. The Rosengarten SPA offers an exceptional setting for self-discovery, and our SPA products are based on the purity and power of nature. We have developed special DETOX treatments to harmonise with our ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine. In addition, our new gym’s personal fitness & relaxation programme plus a comprehensive range of outdoor activities in the Kitzbühel Alps complete your wellbeing experience. ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST includes:

1 Susanne Kaufmann™ detox massage (50mins)
1 Susanne Kaufmann™ detox oil scrub (50mins)
1 Susanne Kaufmann™ body rejuvenation wrap (50mins)
Alkaline foot bath with preceding pure fruit & vegetable juice (20mins)
1 deep tissue, fascia-relaxing meridian massage to stimulate lymphatic circulation (50mins)
2 partial body lymphatic drainages (50mins)


Experiences and sensory impressions gained outside of our Hotel Restaurant Spa Rosengarten also help to establish holiday wellbeing. The Kitzbühel Alps offer the perfect setting for centring yourself, changing course and breathing crystal-clear mountain air in unspoilt surroundings. Invigorate your senses with hikes, walks, bike rides, golf or winter sports – enjoy ALPINE ELEMENTS® and new wellbeing!


Daily exercise programme
Yoga and meditation to suit all abilities.


Introductory lecture: Where am I? Where do I start? What awaits?
TCM expert Martina Egger will be at your side with support and assistance throughout the week.
Talks: Cosy ‘fireside chats’ offer opportunities to ask questions and chat about your experience.
At the end of the Health Boost, you and the experts review all that you have experienced and learned.
And afterwards? You’ll receive a booklet with recipe suggestions.

Slow down – especially on holiday

This is the holistic approach we are taking for ALPINE ELEMENTS®. To achieve a good quality of life we need to think about lifestyle. And there are times when we simply have to slow down and take time for ourselves. Time to enjoy. Time to be active. Making the conscious choice to slow down allows us to hold space for ourselves and others – to savour life and experience its full beauty. Every human being is unique, so the Rosengarten’s many facets are there to meet your individual requirements – in our SPA, in our exercise and activity programmes, and in our kitchen. Experiences for your senses that explore new avenues for supreme wellbeing.

ALPINE ELEMENTS® creates awareness and empowers people to find individual freedom through their own sensory experiences and develop an awareness that enables them to make the right decisions for their personal wellbeing.


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