Zimmer & Suiten im 5 Sterne Hotel Restaurant Spa RosengartenZimmer & Suiten im 5 Sterne Hotel Restaurant Spa Rosengarten

A safe holiday

COVID-19 prevention and safety measures

Since your wellbeing and safety are our top priority, we have summarised everything you need to know about the measures taken and services provided to ensure you have a worry-free return journey and a safe winter holiday in Kitzbühel’s magnificent mountains:

Latest update: 24.01.2022

  • 2-G Plus Safety Rules: Whatever your nationality, and whichever country you are travelling from, if you have proof of having received a booster vaccination, or can present a valid negative PCR test (no more than 72 hours old), you may now enter Austria without having to quarantine.
  • The requirement to produce proof of vaccination/past infection applies for:
    • Entry into Austria
    • Shops
    • Bars, cafés, restaurants and markets
    • Hotels and holiday accommodation
    • Recreational facilities
    • Cultural establishments (with the exception of museums, libraries and archives)
    • Sports facilities
    • Gatherings of more than 25
    • Trade and consumer fairs, congresses
  • As a designated testing centre, we can offer you on-site antigen testing during your stay.
  • Overnight guests can still use the country’s test centres. If you do not have Austrian health insurance, you can register for your test at the test centre itself.
  • Next closest test centres:
    Kufstein (antigen and PCR test)
    Münchnerstrasse 22
    6330 Kufstein
    Opening hours: Every day, 8am–5pm
  • Pharmacy Dr Deak KG (no need to book, cost of PCR test: €65)
    Dorfstrasse 4
    + 43 5357 2210
    Opening hours:
    Mon–Fri, 8am–12.30pm and 2.30pm–5.30pm
    Saturday, 8.15am–11am
  • Austria has imposed a nationwide lockdown on people who are not vaccinated.
  • The following rules apply generally and in public areas, restaurants and SPA: You will need proof of vaccination/past infection initially.
  • The minimum safe distance rule has been suspended for travellers who meet the quarantine-free entry requirements, but please continue to maintain a safe distance between yourself and strangers/groups of people. This is in your own interest as well as others’.
  • Wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory on public transport, in shops, museums, and wherever no proof of testing/vaccination/recovery from COVID is required except when seated or when exercising in the gym/fitness studio.
  • Restrictions on the number of people permitted in gastronomic, cultural and sports venues (including spas) have been lifted.

Please note: Due to current hospital bed-occupation figures, Level 5* measures come into force on 15 NOVEMBER.

  • An FFP2 mask must be worn in taxis, cable cars and cog railways, mass transport vehicles, as well as in the enclosed spaces of their associated stations, platforms, stops and airports and their respective connecting structures.
  • You may only travel by cable car if you have a negative test certificate or proof of vaccination/past infection and are wearing an FFP2 mask. Compliance will be checked when you purchase a ticket.
  • Late night gastronomic establishments and après-ski venues shall remain closed for the time being.

* COVID Stages:
Measures are based on the current COVID Stage which is determined by hospital bed occupancy:

Stage 1: 200 or more occupied intensive care beds:

  • Antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours.
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory wherever mouth and nose protection is currently required (food retail including petrol stations where food is sold, pharmacies, banks, post offices, public transport).
  • Mandatory FFP2 masks in all shops for people who are unvaccinated/cannot show proof of recovery, and recommended for all who have been vaccinated/have recovered. Expect random police checks!
  • Attendance at gatherings of 25 or more require you to produce a negative test certificate or proof of vaccination/past infection.
  • Increase of checks that measures are being complied with.

Stage 2: 300 or more occupied intensive care beds:

  • Late-night gastronomic establishments (and similar settings) and gatherings of more than 500 without assigned seats are only accessible to people who are vaccinated against and/or have recovered from COVID.
  • Proof of self-administered antigen tests are no longer accepted.

Stage 3: 400 or more occupied intensive care beds:

  • Access restrictions are increased.
  • Wherever you are a negative test certificate or proof of vaccination/past infection is required for access, the test must be a PCR.

Stage 4: 500 or more occupied intensive care beds:

  • Access is now further restricted to proof of vaccination/past infection.

Stage 5: 600 or more occupied intensive care beds:

  • People who have not been vaccinated are now subject to curfews.
  • Our professional hygiene concept complies with the highest safety standards and is under constant review. All areas are thoroughly and repeatedly cleaned and disinfected. A superb ventilation system ensures aerosol-free air quality. The rooms are cleaned daily with concentrated cleaning and disinfectant agents. All equipment, surfaces and appliances in the SPA are carefully cleaned and disinfected after each use. Sanitiser dispensers in all public areas ensure you are able to top up your hand-hygiene regime at all times.
  • Our employees have been tested, vaccinated, or have recovered from a past infection. We hold regular team training sessions and ensure everyone is appraised of the latest regulations. We pay close attention to the proper implementation of our health and safety measures to guarantee you a worry-free, safe and relaxed stay at the Rosengarten.