Culinary art:
Michelin-starred restaurant

Unmistakably true to style.

Simple and unembellished, the flavour meets the palate and is followed by a wave of pleasure before the taste unfolds, taste bud by taste bud, until it concludes in a symphony of extraordinary harmony. Duets of textures and aromas sourced in nearby forests as well as the hills of Tuscan, the French Atlantic coast… a visual, tangible and consummately truthful feast. At the Rosengarten, gastronomy always takes centre stage: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. It really is all about culinary delight.

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’
Virginia Woolf

Gastronomy Michelin-starred restaurant Hotel SPA Rosengarten Tyrol
Gastronomy Michelin-starred restaurant Hotel SPA Rosengarten Tyrol

Michelin-starred Restaurant
Simon Taxacher

A simple stage set for great culinary art

The atmosphere at the Michelin-starred restaurant is elegant, authentic, discreet. The interior tranquil, the lighting warm. Nothing is allowed to divert attention from the food, everything is designed to accentuate the virtuosity of the art on your plate. Service is unobtrusive but always there when needed.

  • The restaurant
    Arrestingly understated. Comfortable and subtle. Elegantly chic.
  • The kitchen
    Many-faceted and exciting. International yet regional. Harmoniously complete.
  • The chef
    Straight to the point. Sophisticated and innovative. Passionate about detail.
  • The awards
    Abundant. Superior. Motivating.
  • The taste
    Unmistakable. Matchless. Real.

Bistro-Restaurant Rosengarten

Culinary stories

Stories about the art of discovery. The art of composition. Of combining. Stories about the joy of cooking. The delights of regional foods. The miracle of superb produce. And the bliss of sharing these culinary delights. In the Bistro, art and joy are reflected in dishes, service and interior design. This is where regionality coincides with quality, tradition meets casual modernity and joy combines with enjoyment.

Gastronomy Michelin-starred restaurant Hotel SPA Rosengarten Tyrol
Gastronomy Michelin-starred restaurant Hotel SPA Rosengarten Tyrol

Bar & Lounge

Arrive. Enjoy. Linger.

The piano bar: rendezvous point at the five-star hotel.

‘There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.’
(Heinrich Heine)

Let’s celebrate the art of togetherness, of sharing and taking time. In our piano bar, time stands still and is dedicated to friendship and the good things in life. Devote your time to the art of enjoyment with a uniquely sparkling collection of Champagnes, supreme spirits and international rarities – as well as the finest cigars: enjoy these in our special smoking lounge.

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