Gault&Millau 2020: 7 toques for Simon Taxacher

Martin Kinast keeps his two toques for Bistro-Restaurant Rosengarten

In just one year, Martin Kinast cooked up two toques for the Bistro-Restaurant Rosengarten in Simon Taxacher’s 5-star Hotel Rosengarten in Kirchberg. This year he maintained his rating in the new Gault&Millau 2020 restaurant guide for Austria. The young chef thus confirms his success under the patronage of five-toque chef Simon Taxacher. Kinast has been at the head of the Bistro’s kitchen team at Taxacher’s Rosengarten in Kirchberg since 2016. The maximum of talent, creative ability, determination and passion he puts into his work is evident in every bite.

‘Congratulations to Martin Kinast for another brilliant rating in Gault&Millau 2020. Martin is a great chef – from a human as well as an organisational and professional point of view. He has a knack for transforming traditional recipes and classic Alpine specialities into honest, unfussy yet sophisticated dishes. His is a down-to-earth approach that tastes simply amazing!’
Simon Taxacher

‘I’m delighted to have maintained my two-toque rating. My thanks go to my mentor Simon Taxacher, who, by being awarded five Gault&Millau toques, once again proved that he is among the world’s best. I would also like to thank our kitchen team and our guests: this wouldn’t have been possible without them. Last but not least, a big thank you to the assessors who clearly appreciated our kitchen and craftsmanship!’
Martin Kinast

Gault&Millau 2020 review excerpt:

‘Chef Martin Kinast shows constant commitment to a down-to-earth attitude. He takes authentic, Austrian dishes and subjects them to a contemporary reinterpretation… His marinated mountain trout with sour cream and green radish is delicious. His vegetarian confit of kohlrabi with hay milk yoghurt and pecan nut is a delight. The braised dwarf zebu was of excellent quality and served with confit of celery and crunchy quinoa… The carrot cake with frozen yoghurt was a successful conclusion to a meal of his customary high standard… Very attentive service.’

Gault&Millau facts

The Gault&Millau restaurant guide was founded in 1969 by journalists Henri Gault and Christian Millau, who in 1973 championed contemporary cuisine with the slogan ‘Vive la nouvelle cuisine française’. The guide’s first German edition was published in 1983. Gault&Millau Austria’s publishers are Martina and Karl Hohenlohe. Gault&Millau ratings are modelled on the French school grading system on a scale from 0 to 20 points. True to the spirit of the founders Gault and Millau, the highest score of 20 is not be awarded in Austria, because ‘perfection is God’s preserve and beyond the limitations of a human being’. The judging is conducted anonymously by seasoned gourmets whose remit it is to judge objectively, correctly and fairly in a way that is comprehensible and amusing. The five toques rating is new for the Austrian Gault&Millau 2020 guide, and creates a basis for international comparability.