50mins | €75

Harmonising, relaxing and re-energising full body massage for intense wellbeing.

50mins | €79

Composition of two classic massage elements, e.g. back massage plus foot reflex zones or head and shoulder massage plus foot reflex zones.

50mins | €79

Relaxing, gentle body massage with essential oils – a balm for body and soul.

50mins | €75

Powerful, regenerating deep muscle massage with refreshing embrocation – best after strenuous physical activity, improves performance capacity.

50mins | €76

This special and gentle type of massage has a soothing and relaxing effect on body and mind.

40mins | €65

Tension is released and self-healing is activated by stimulating foot reflex zones.

25mins | €45

Partial body massage for head and neck or back or legs.

25mins | €45

Experience a unique lifting and cleansing effect with this gentle, bio-energy facial drainage.


60mins | €95

TIME FOR ME! When your mood, vitality and beauty are affected by stress, lack of sleep and the hectic pace of life, it’s time to try our Tranquility™ pro sleep massage. This treatment was developed in collaboration with scientists and focuses on the three senses of smell, touch and hearing to put us in the same brain state as when we sleep. This brings about a sense of deep and complete relaxation, balance and energy. An ideal treatment for stress and insomnia. An experience of complete wellbeing for body and mind.

75mins | €118

The interaction of a beneficial massage with the powerful intensity of crystal facilitates equilibrium and deep relaxation.

105mins | €145

NUAD THAI YOGA means healing touch. It is an ancient South-east Asian form of bodywork that involves gentle pressure along the meridians to calm the breath and relax muscles and tendons. Blockages are removed and energy channels opened. The body is brought into balance and the result is a feeling of lightness as vital energy flows through the body unencumbered. Nuad is given on a mat on the floor and does not require oils. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting sportswear for this massage.

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