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Five elements & TCM – your HEALTH BOOST

Your kick-off to a healthier life

Brand new @Rosengarten!
Slow down. Detox for body and mind. Time for me. Centring with all six senses. During the one-week ALPINE ELEMENTS HEALTH BOOST we will provide you with all the tools you need to make your life healthier. For lasting wellbeing and vitality.

Your healthier life kicks off here – includes wholesome inspirations to take home.

Off balance?

With our brand-new HEALTH BOOST we’ll bring you emotional and physical balance with the five elements. With ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine – delicious and healthy. Exercise – gentle and in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. TCM treatments – holistic from head to toe. Listening and sharing with experts in five element cuisine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s all about experiences.

How it works!

The ALPINE ELEMENTS HEALTH BOOST programme at a glance

At the beginning of the week, you will learn through diagnosis and a keynote talk: Where am I? Where do I start? What awaits me? And everything worth knowing about the five elements, ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


The day starts with a hot, alkaline breakfast. Lunch focuses on a particular element and you enjoy a high-protein and easy-to-digest dinner in the evening. In focus: balancing the acid-base ratio – with superb flavours! A foretaste: Corn-fed chicken breast with bulgur & celery (wood). Confit of beetroot with almonds and thyme (fire)…

To keep you going

During your HEALTH BOOST plan, drink delicious and metabolism-boosting juices by Bergblut. They help the detoxification process, provide essential nutrients and simply taste great!

Emotional support

TCM expert Martina Egger will be at your side for emotional support.

Learn to cook an alkaline soup during your ALPINE ELEMENTS® cookery class – and how to easily integrate the ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine at home into your everyday life.

Our daily exercise programme

Helps to boost metabolic function and supports detoxification: Yoga & meditation for all abilities – no prior experience required. On excursions into the Kitzbühel mountains, the mental balance is also stimulated.

Keynote talks

At the beginning of the week, there will be a keynote talk on the programme, introducing the five elements and the ALPINE ELEMENTS® SPA cuisine. In cosy ‘fireside chats’ throughout the week, additional questions can be discussed.

Stimulating & relaxing treatments

At the end of the ALPINE ELEMENTS® 1-week HEALTH BOOST, you and the experts review all that you have experienced and learned.

And afterwards?

You’ll receive a booklet with recipe suggestions!
This will help you easily integrate what you have experienced and learned into everyday life.
Continue the healthy feel-good lifestyle at home!

Get started!

HEALTH BOOST with TCM five elements cuisine from Simon Taxacher @Rosengarten detox Tyrol Austria
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21.09 to 28.09.2019

// 7 nights in a comfort double room
// Full board with Alpine Elements© breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
// Bergblut juices for gentle detoxification
// Daily exercise programme
// Global Diagnostics tests and 2 Vitalfeld therapies for optimal support
// Daily Yoga classes & meditation (for beginners and experienced practitioners)
// Keynote talks on the individual elements including easy-to-use self-help tips
// 1 Susanne Kaufmann™ detox massage (50mins)
// 1 Susanne Kaufmann™ detox oil scrub (50mins)
// 1 Susanne Kaufmann™ body rejuvenation wrap (45mins)
// Alkaline foot bath with preceding pure fruit & vegetable juice (20mins)
// 1 deep tissue, fascia-relaxing meridian massage to stimulate lymphatic circulation (50mins)
// 2 partial body lymphatic drainages (50mins))
// Meal plan with recipes to take home
// 1 cookery class

from €2,159 per person excluding local tax

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