More than just pasta: tortellini by Pasquali

Tortellini, vino e musica: benvenuti in Italia!

Not to be missed! On Friday 22 March, award-winning chef Simon Taxacher bids you to join him at the 5-star Hotel Rosengarten in Kirchberg for the season’s finale: an extraordinary pasta event. The best chef in Tyrol has teamed up with the world’s best pasta producers, the Pasquali family from legendary Ristorante Alla Borsa in Valeggio. Simon Taxacher and Nadia Pasquali will be serving an exceptional 6-course pasta feast.

The famous gourmet tortellini from Valeggio are a real treat. The Pasquali family’s hand-made tortellini are famous all around the world. To get the full flavour of these exclusive Italian creations, the pasta gurus will even transport the water for cooking the ‘love knots’ from their home town. Nodi d’Amore are tortellini made of a golden, glossy, gossamer-thin dough – little jewels scented with butter, bay leaves and nutmeg. These delights are filled with the finest Cardine braised meat. Che bello…

We start our Italian pasta evening with an aperitif, music and Italian foodie specialities at the bar. This is followed by a fabulous 6-course pasta menu with corresponding Italian wines and then coffee specialities from bella Italia – just like in mamma’s kitchen. Afterwards, we retire to the bar to sip a proper Italian espresso and perhaps some grappa to the accompaniment of Italian music. Cin cin!

Valeggio – the village of pasta makers

Valeggio sul Mincio boasts ten pastifici (artisanal pasta makers) and an incredible 51 restaurants – with a population of just 14,000! The reason for this lies in the town’s history. Back in the 14th century, Valeggio was already known for its many flour mills so it made sense to make pasta, tagliatelle mostly. Due to its strategic location between the territories of the ruling Visconti and Scaliger dynasties, the citizens of Valeggio collected a small toll from travellers, and while they were at it, they provided the visitors with their pasta specialities.

Our offers:

  • 6-course pasta menus incl. aperitif, corresponding wines & Italian coffee specialities
    €147 per person

  • 1 night in a comfort double room with gourmet breakfast from €145 per person
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Season’s finale with Italian flair

22.03.2019 – 24.03.2019

  • 2 nights in a comfort double room including gourmet breakfast (Fri-Sun)
  • Friday evening:
    Aperitif with music and Italian specialities at the bar
    6-course pasta menu with Italian specialities and corresponding Italian wines, coffee, Italian music at the bar

  • Saturday evening:
    6-course dinner by Simon Taxacher and Peter Girtler, corresponding wines, aperitif and coffee

Price per person from €723 excl. taxes

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